Santa Giulia Region of Porto-Vecchio


Santa Giulia in Porto Vecchio

The Bella Vista residence is located in the heart of the Santa Giulia bay in the large tourist region of Porto Vecchio, 10 minutes only from the city center of Porto Vecchio and a few kilometers from Bonifacio and its medieval city center, famous for its cliffs.

Nestled in a protected golf course made of granite, porphyry and limestone, the bay of Santa Giulia is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica and in the world. White sand, crystalline turquoise water evoking the most exotic shores, a lush pine forest in the background... The picture is magical and very real.

The treasure of the lagoon is also marine. Indeed, the bay of Santa Giulia is an integral part of the Bouches-de-Bonifacio International Marine Park which protects a myriad of beautiful fish and seabed.

The Bella Vista residence is ideally located in the heart of Santa Giulia, in a holiday residence. The bay of Santa Giulia is a seaside resort, a real summer resort in Porto Vecchio. You can swim there in summer and stretch out on this warm sand caressed by the radiant sun of Corsica.

The pearl of the Mediterranean

Porto Vecchio

Located in the south of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio benefits from a strategic position between the sea and the mountains which makes it a region to discover or rediscover, a welcoming city in southern Corsica where life is good. Located just a few hours flight from the largest European capitals, Porto Vecchio offers both a rich coastline and varied mountains...

You can reach the island and the residence either by plane landing at FIGARI SUD CORSE airport or by boat via the port of Porto Vecchio. You will find on the SITUATION tab information to reach the island by one of its ports or airports.

Its fortified town with its Genoese gate will delight you and when you get tired of getting lost in the narrow streets of the historic center, you can always go down to the port and admire its marina at sunset. or visit the citadel of Porto-Vecchio, go shopping in the alleys of the city center, drink a coffee on the church square, or simply relax on one of the many beaches in the region and especially that of Santa Giulia which is ideal for bathing small children due to its very low gradient.

The surrounding beaches

Of course that of Santa Giulia, classified as one of the most beautiful bays in Europe, but also the beach of Palombaggia 1.5 km long, that of the bay of Rondinara and again the beach of PIANTARELLA, a short distance from the road, are to be discovered absolutely! You also have the beach of FAUTEA or that of ASCIAGHJU which are just as beautiful...

Finally, for the most intimate, sometimes requiring a boat to get there or a bit of walking, you will go to Porto Novu, "Tahiti beach" or even the Lavezzi islands, spectacular for the purity of their waters...

You will never get tired of discovering the white sandy beaches of Porto Vecchio and indulging in the water sports offered there: water skiing, diving, flyboarding, jet skiing, ... or simply lazing around by lying on a deckchair bathed in the summer sun!

Bavella and l'Ospedale

The region of Porto-Vecchio is characterized by the quality of its fine sandy beaches but also you can at your leisure take advantage of the mountain which is only a few tens of minutes from the coast with the sites of the Aiguilles de Bavella, Zonza, Levie, the Ospedale...,

One of the most scenic parts of Corsica is in the mountains northwest of Porto-Vecchio where a road, the D368, climbs steeply up the mountains to reach Ospedale, Zonza and the Col de Bavella. Below the mountain peaks there are dense forests with plenty of hiking opportunities and fast-flowing rivers.

After a few kilometers you start to reach various viewpoints across the coast, the best viewpoint being a few hundred meters beyond the small village of Ospedale, from where the view is so vast that the sea and the sky are no longer distinguishable!

Bonifacio, medieval city

Bonifacio is only about twenty kilometers from Porto Vecchio (20 minutes by car) and is worth the detour! Jewel of the extreme south of Corsica, magnified by the turquoise water that surrounds it like a jewel case concealing so many treasures, Bonifacio is the southernmost town in France...

Protected by its high cliffs, the Citadel, built on an incomparable limestone cape, proudly dominates the sea where the Bouches de Bonifacio separate Corsica from Italian Sardinia.

Rich in history that finds its sources in the Neolithic era, Bonifacio was the seat of historical events that have deeply marked the city by its religious buildings, its medieval architecture, its military constructions, its port complex. .. By going to Bonifacio, you will discover an extraordinary site by its location, between sea and maquis, a living and authentic museum.